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Holistic & Integrative


All parts of you- mind, body and spirit- are included and understood as an intricately connected system. Concerns that show up as anxiety, depression, or repeating patterns in life and relationships  are often symptoms of deeper underlying  sources and causes.  Physical symptoms of illness, pain and discomfort can also be rooted in the mind, spirit and emotions.

Reducing symptoms is incredibly important, but focusing on symptoms alone is often not enough. A holistic in-depth approach creates opportunities for deeper long term change.  Rather than numbing, ignoring, burying or seeking a quick fix to "make it go away," we gently turn towards your experience with compassion and curiosity, creating awareness and understanding and creating the conditions for  healing, growth, transformation and new ways of being.


Western and eastern models of healing are combined in an approach that is transpersonal and psychospiritual. Practical techniques and tools are combined with in-depth exploration, processing and deep internal shifts.


Trauma Informed 


To be human means that you will experience some degree of  trauma. Trauma can mean many different things- from experiencing or witnessing major events to ongoing exposure to a stressful situation. Trauma can also occur on a collective level in cultures and societies and it can be passed down through families and generations in various ways.


The concerns that bring people to therapy are often normal reactions to stressful or traumatic situations or environments- whether recently or years ago. Clients are often surprised at how normal and common their experience or way of feeling is. Your symptoms are rooted in a larger context. This context is systemic and can include: intergenerational or historical trauma, collective trauma, racial trauma, cultural trauma, epigenetics and your personal life experiences. 


Trauma and stress affect the brain, body and nervous system. The great news is that therapy and other interventions can also create positive effects.  

Establishing and maintaining physical and emotional safety is important. This includes moving at a pace that is comfortable for you. It is important that you feel empowered and in control of when and how to approach difficult or sensitive material. 


Attachment & Inner Child Work

Hannah specializes in working with adults who experienced stress, adverse events, or trauma as children or who had unmet needs (physical or emotional) in early life. This can range from situations where major traumatic events happened to situations where "everything was fine" or even mostly really good.


These experiences impact you deeply and these parts of you don't just go away with time but carry into your adult life and relationships. Often the coping skills that are developed as children that may have worked well then, are the same one's being  using now but that no longer serve you and may even be hurting you.


There is immense potential for your inner child to be fully met, cared for and understood in new ways. Our coping skills can evolve and change. The parts of you that feel scared, unloved or in pain can have new experiences of inner safety, love and repair. 


Empowerment, Resiliency & Resources

Your body and spirt are immensely wise and you hold within you a multitude of resources for healing, growth and coming into alignment with the life you long to  live. By learning to listen to and understand your body and spirit these resources and gifts can be harnessed and cultivated, including greater self love, self compassion, emotional regulation and self awareness. 

This work is not about you being broken. It's about facilitating the parts that are wise and whole to tend to the parts of yourself that may feel wounded, unloved, scared or confused.  Just as it's important to honor and tend to your pain, it's important to celebrate, honor, cultivate and lean into your strengths and resources- internal, outer and spiritual.*   

*spiritual resources can mean different things for different people. This can include a connection to nature or animals, ancestors, your highest self, sense of purpose, spiritual beings, the energy of love, beliefs from any spiritual or cultural tradition, and many other things. Whatever does or does not feel true to you is what's important and welcome into this process.  


More Than Traditional Talk Therapy

Talking is one of the most powerful and important ways that we give meaning to our internal state, create cohesive narratives about our experiences, communicate and connect. And sometimes we need more than just talking alone- especially to access the parts of ourselves and our experiences that we don't have words for, are being held in our bodies or we didn't even know were there. 

Experiential techniques can support you in going beyond the thinking mind and gaining deeper insight and healing. This can include: guided imagery, guided meditation, movement, energy psychology or energy work, somatic (body based) work and expressive art therapy. 

This looks different for each person. By empowering and supporting you to work with your own internal story, together we will explore what works best for you. 




Hannah Wilson



Hi, I'm Hannah! (pronouns: she/her/hers) I understand that being human can be hard, confusing, painful and scary. I also know the body and soul's capacity for growth, evolution and healing. I believe in the power of  listening, turning towards and being with the difficult and painful parts of our selves and our lives- and the profound potential that doing so creates.


I also believe in the necessity and power of joy, gratitude, play, and laughter- and that these are part of deep healing work as well. Art making is what ultimately started me on my journey to become a therapist and I continue to be in awe at how creative expression, art making and imagery of all kinds can be so life giving and life saving.   

The natural world and the unseen world are my biggest resources to which I feel a deep connection and incorporate into sessions in a variety of ways (including my love of filling our meeting space with plants). I am always learning what it means to live life as a human and a spirit, grounded to the Earth and connected to the vast infinity of the universe. 

While it did not come naturally or easily to me, I have come to find great comfort in embracing the mystery, unknown, living questions and the parts of life that are nuanced, complex, "both/and" and where many things can be true at the same time. This includes life long learning about what it means to live life in balance. 

I understand the importance of showing up as an authentic human while also maintaining professional and therapeutic boundaries. The therapeutic relationship between us is one of the most important aspects of therapy. It can take time to establish trust and build rapport in a relationship and I do my best to help you feel comfortable and safe while also moving at a pace that feels right for you.   

I am beyond humbled and honored to do this work and have immense gratitude, respect and fondness for each soul that I get to join and support for some part of their journey through this life. 


Credentials, Education & Experience


I am committed to ongoing learning, professional development and the evolution of the services I offer to meet the needs in the best way possible of the diverse community of clients I serve. This includes making therapy a safe, affirming and culturally responsive experience and practicing cultural humility as a clinician.  I regularly engage in professional training and education as well as receive regular professional consultation. I also "walk my own talk" and am committed to doing my own personal work, receiving support for myself and practicing in depth self care.


I am licensed as a clinical professional counselor and clinical professional art therapist in Maryland, a professional counselor in the District of Columbia and Virginia, and registered and board certified as an art therapist nationally. I completed a master's degree in art therapy and counseling at The George Washington University and a bachelor's degree in psychology and fine arts at Alfred University. My approach is informed by additional  training in trauma therapy, transpersonal therapy, mind- body therapies, systemic family constellations, developmental psychology, neuroscience, somatic bodywork modalities and multiple frameworks of energy psychology and energy medicine. 

I have been working in private practice since 2016, first as an associate at a group practice and now as the owner of Hannah Wilson Holistic Therapy LLC. Prior to entering into private practice I worked as a mental health counselor and art therapist with children, teens and adults in multiple settings including hospitals, public schools, and community clinics in the DC metropolitan area. Full CV is available upon request.



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